About the site
About the site

BulgarianIndustry.bgTM is a specialized information resource for the Bulgarian industrial branches - Machine Building, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation, Test and Measurement, IT and communications.

To promote Bulgarian industrial products and companies by providing the international industrial community with technical and contact information from the Bulgarian industrial market.

Main objective
То force business cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign companies in the field of the industrial branches.

Target online readers audience
Specialists from the Bulgarian and foreign companies that look for and offer industrial products and services.

BulgarianIndustry.bgTM is expanded with a new information regularly. It consists of three main areas:

The area COMPANIES : ORGANIZATIONS represents Bulgarian companies and organizations, classified in several categories: branch/sub branch, activity, representative of foreign companies and certified companies.

• The area PRODUCTS : SERVICES : SOLUTIONS represents products, services and solutions from the Bulgarian industrial market classified in the categories branch/sub branch and products manufactured in Bulgaria.

• The area NEWS : EVENTS : ARTICLES gives information about the Bulgarian industrial market (industry news, industry trends, past and forthcoming events, specialized articles etc.).