Complete transformer station CCTS-1T-4SM6

Complete transformer station CCTS-1T-4SM6

CCTS 6, 10 or 20/ 0.4 kV 160 up to 1000 KvA with a cable inlet and cable outlets, terminal or intermediary type housed in a concrete prefab body.

Technical Details

MV two cable inputs and one output to the transformer. The inputs are equipped with Switch modular unit type IM (see SM6 range of Merlin Gerin) The transformer protection is equipped with Fuse-Switch combination modular unit type QM. There is a posibility of energy measuring in MV section using GBC-B modular unit. All modular units are metal-enclosed, using sulphur hexafluoride for insulation. The servicing of the CCTS can be one-sided, two-sided or three-sided on customers request.

Rated voltage of MV section: 12 or 24 kV
Rated voltage of LV section: 0,4 kV
Rated short-time withstand current: 20kA/1s
Rated peak withstand current: 50 kA max
Protection degree: IP 33 or IP 43
Possibility of energy measuring in MV section
LV section: type of equipment and number of feeders- according to customer`s requirements

Conditions of Service Use

Ambient temperature range: 40 °C to + 45 °C
Relative humidity: 100% rain
Altitude: Up to 1000 м.
Environment: absence of current-conductive gases, vapours and dust, fire-proof and explosion-proof surroundings


Principle Electric Diagram CCTS-1T-4SM6 up to 1000 kVA 20(10)/0.4 kV

Drawing of Dimensions CCTS-1T-4SM6 up to 1000 kVA 20(10)/0.4 kV

Contact with the supplier:
2 Dobrudzha blvd., Dobrich, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 58/ 683 897
Fax: +359 58/ 683 873
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