Access Control and Time Attendance Systems; Solar Systems
ARDA-MT is a manufacturer of wide range of high quality manometers, vacuummeters and manovacuummeters Ф 63, Ф 100 and Ф 160 mm
Beloruski lageri is a direct importer from Minsk Bearing Plant - one of the largest manufacturers of rolling bearings - and another ten manufacturers from Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.
CHRYSMETAL Ltd. was established in 2002 and is specialized in the trade of industrial and pipeline armature. The company has an office and a store with total area of 8 000 m2, o­n 1 000 m2 of which the warehouse is built in close quarters to the office.
Desing production and engineering of hardware and software products for industrial automation. Design, engineering, commissioning and building up of automated systems.
Electronic components and devices, energy saving lamps, energy saving equipment, measuring devices and instruments for electronics, etc.
"Elprom-ET" J.S.Co is a company that has enjoyed long years of tradition in the region and in the country in designing and production of electrical equipment
Manufacturing of products for energetics: panels, electro-meters and systems for telemetry; manufacturing of telecommunication products and systems
New high technology solutions and innovations in the field of pumps and pumps system with a great concern to energy saving, use of renewable energy sources and environment protection.
MASH-COMPONENT offers various SERVICES as construction and manufacturing of tooling and non-standard equipment.
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